Legends Face Off!

The earth-shattering Monsterverse brings together the iconic properties of Godzilla and King Kong, two mega-franchises with over 40 movies combined, dating back to 1933 with the first appearance of King Kong. McHale Design’s packaging design and branding work helped amplify the experience for consumers, creating a cohesive and dynamic shelf presence and an award winner in the 2022 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards.


Get Ready to Rumble!

Godzilla vs. Kong pits the fierce franchise movie monsters against each other to determine who will reign over the MonsterVerse. In that same spirit, Playmates Toys challenged McHale Design to develop a packaging system emphasizing the enormous scale and over-the-top action of the epic battle. We hopped into the ring and defined branding and packaging design worthy of the legendary pair, resulting in a GDUSA American Package Design Award.


Concept Sketches — Prepare for Fight Night

Working with limited assets in the earliest stages, we sketched a range of structure concepts, helping to make decisions on logo and key art placement as well as establishing dynamic packout.  Early concepting also helped determine packaging structure costs.


We resolved to push the two behemoths to the top of package to emphasize their massive size, the main contenders facing off and towering over the devastated city below. We adapted movie key art and elements for compelling shelf impact reinforcing the key story elements of action and destruction.


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