Stronger Together

When a mysterious new threat unites the iconic titans Godzilla and Kong, Playmates Toys knew it was time to join forces once again with McHale Design to create fresh branding and packaging for “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.”


Our approach to branding goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about crafting an immersive experience. With meticulous attention to detail, we developed and applied an energizing color palette combined with textures, patterns, and graphic elements to tell a captivating brand story setting the bar high above the competition on the store shelf.


And our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Our package design for “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” earned us the prestigious 2024 GDUSA American Package Design award and propelled it to become a top-selling

action figure in the U.S.


Building a Legendary Franchise

In 2021, when Godzilla and Kong clashed on the big screen, it marked the merging of two colossal franchises boasting a combined history of over 40 movies since 1933. This fusion gave birth to the epic MONSTERVERSE. McHale Design was recruited to expand the packaging and brand footprint which included Kong, Godzilla, and the original Toho Series properties.


To maintain the coherence of the Monsterverse while allowing for different segments, we implemented a distinct color scheme for each property. We crafted unique textures, patterns, and backgrounds tailored for each brand to enrich the experience for die-hard fans. This meticulous approach resulted in a compelling shelf presence and earned the 2022 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award.



Get Ready for the Rumble!

Playmates Toys challenged McHale Design to develop a packaging system emphasizing the enormous scale and

over-the-top action of Godzilla and Kong’s epic clash. We hopped into the ring and created branding and packaging worthy of the legendary pair, resulting in our 2021 GDUSA American Package Design Award.


Concept Sketches: Prepare for Fight Night

Working with limited assets in the earliest conceptual stages, we sketched a wide range of possible package structure forms, helping to make decisions on logo and key art placement as well as establishing dynamic story-telling aspects of the packaging. Early concepting helped determine packaging structure costs.


We resolved to push the two behemoths to the top of the package, emphasizing their massive size, with the contenders facing off and towering over the devastated city below. We adapted movie key art and elements for compelling shelf impact, reinforcing the key story elements of face-to-face combat and collateral destruction


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