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We create and simplify paths from the consumer to your brand. As your strategic brand partners, we design effective solutions that lift your brand above the masses.

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Don't try this at home. We are a highly-trained troupe of creative jugglers and plate spinners. We toss chainsaws and quail eggs and one or the other is up in the air at all times. But remember, we're professionals and we know what we're doing.

Your brand is safe with us.

It's our responsibility to safeguard and grow your beloved brand, taking necessary risks only the ultimately skilled can pull off. With panache.

Having been trusted by the largest companies in the world including Mattel and Walmart and working with the most recognizable brands such as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Disney's Princesses, we are specialists who bring over 30 years of experience and success.

From naming to logo design and package structure, our designers have been immersed in every step of the brand creation process. Our holistic approach invites diverse viewpoints which produce the most engaging solutions. “We think in 3D about each project,” notes Maureen McHale. “Where will it be displayed? What is its visual competition? How will the consumer relate to the product when bringing it home or giving it as a gift?” Prioritizing hierarchy of messages while maintaining big picture clarity is always the plan.

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International Partnerships

Representing a diversity of experiences and cultures, McHale Design’s creative team built a solid client base within the U.S. toy industry and pushed beyond those borders to meet needs of international clients in Canada, Ireland, China, Italy, Japan and the UAE. The McHale team has a strong pulse on the things that excite the world’s youth.

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