TMNT: Out of The Shadows


Big Screen = Big Sales

With over $1 BILLION in global sales, the TMNT franchise escalates with a Summer Blockbuster sequel to the 2014 film that earned over $493 million. Playmates Toys worked closely with McHale Design to help fill the toy aisle and feed the frenzy that’s led retailers like Walmart to stock their shelves with over 600 items.


Monster Merchandising

Paramount Studio’s hype machine is in full effect and fully supported by an extensive line of movie-based product with an array of package types spanning action figures in blister cards to deluxe vehicles in window boxes.

After the success of the first movie, Playmates Toys once again trusted McHale Design to expand the TMNT movie action figure assortment with new vehicles, playsets, and role play gear for the sequel.

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