Building Brands by Design since 1985
To celebrate our 33 1/3rd year anniversary, McHale Design conceived a self-promo campaign inspired by the music of 1985, the year we were born; 33 1/3rd Greatest Hits, a full-size gatefold record cover opening to an actual vinyl record which spins to reveal landmark dates in McHale Design’s history.


We created and shipped a limited edition 33 copies at the 33 1/3rd year mark of 2018. 33 1/3rd social media posts counted down the 33 1/3rd Greatest Hits of 1985 (as voted by our staff), culminating with a bonus Spotify playlist.


33 1/3rd years going strong

The McHale Anthology collects the best from a range of styles and influences, inspiration and experiences, creating chart-topping, infectious sing-along design and brand masterpieces.


We built this promotional piece as a team from the ground up, concepting, designing, copywriting, production all coming together as a fun celebration of our endurance with great appreciation to our incredible clients.

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