Heating up the Licensing Expo 2017

2017 Licensing Expo

Way out in the desert of Las Vegas, we converged upon Mandalay Bay, along with over 16,000 others from over 67 different countries to “the world’s largest, most influential licensing trade show.”

Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2017

With the Luxor pyramid as our homebase, we covered a lot of ground each day while trying to avoid the roaming Jurassic World raptor. Masha and the Bear and the bounciest, angriest bird Red also seemed to pop up at every corner. We saw Minions, a giant Funko Batman, Joe Camp’s Benji and a friendly Peppa Pig. 

Jurassic World Raptooaaaararrghhh!
Jurassic World Raptooaaaararrghhh!
BoomBoom Brown from Line Friends is Super hip!
BoomBoom Brown from Line Friends is super hip!

We had some fantastic meetings, met some wonderful new friends and experienced the vibrant energy of over 400 brands. There was a whole lotta wheelin’ and dealin’ going on in “The Entertainment Capital of the World” and we’re definitely looking forward to next year!