Holiday Card Showdown 2016

Holiday Card Showdown 2016

Every year, around this time, when it begins to get a bit frigid outside, (yeah – a brisk 69° in So California sets all our teeth a chattering- BRRR!), we get in that cheery mood and gather ‘round the conference table for some good ol’ fashioned fun– Battle Royale style! All creatives are welcome to offer up their design concepts (both baked and half-baked) in the great arena of Christmas Card Combat.

All sorts of concepts make the table.

The concepts come in all shapes and sizes. Time and cost are considered and discussed. Pop-up construction, sliders, algebraic algorithms and chubby reindeer are all presented and explained. 

Nice idea...

post for judgment

The judging is intense.

We pluck aspects from one card and mix and match it with others...gotta stay quick on your feet and flexible like bamboo. Bend, but do not break! We narrow the options and make a choice. Last card standing shows up in your snailbox. We create alternate versions for email and social media. 

Looks like a close race!

The big reveal is coming!...