Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights! Camera! Action!


Creating an effective brand design for products targeting boys takes just as much skill as it does to design for girls. While girls tend to gravitate toward the aspirational, though, boys are all about action! If you’re marketing a product or brand targeting boys, hitting our top four boys’ design triggers will help your product stand out against a sea of serious competition on shelf. Make sure your boys’ brand design:

  1. Features a darker, brighter color palette – no pastels or subtle hues, here!

     2. Employs distressed, abstract, or interesting textures.

     3. Utilizes angles – in design and in package structure – that create tension and movement.

     4. Includes custom graphics with plenty of movement and energy.


The brand strategy McHale Design created for Adventure Force, Walmart’s uber-successful line of action-adventure products and props, is the perfect case study in boys’ design. Our arsenal of militaristic iconography, background designs, and patterns all create tension, action, and movement which helped the line POP on shelf.

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