5 Questions We Ask About Every Potential Project

The big kids at McHale Design have had their fingers on the pulse of fun for decades. The go-to branding and package design agency in the toy and entertainment industries since 1980, McHale’s design team brings FUN to the forefront like no other designers can, ooh-ing, ahhh-ing, laughing, and playing with every product that comes through our door.

Then we get down to business, considering things like:

1. How and where will this (awesomely fun!) product be merchandised?

2. What is its visual competition?

3. What are the coolest and most exciting features to highlight?

4. What is the tone and feel we want to communicate?

5. Is this product likely to be a gift?

Designing with the answers to these questions in mind, the whimsical, wonderful, playful dreamers on our graphic team create packages that are seriously fun, capturing the eye and driving the sale. Maybe that’s why Playmates Toys trusts us with the packaging design of the biggest boys’ brand on the market (TMNT, duh!). Or why we’ve experienced 200% growth in our Walmart private label branding projects in the last 4 years!