From Blockbusters to Brand New, Evergreens and Everything in Between, McHale Design KNOWS Kids!

For more than 30 years we have designed on-trend, kid-catchy branding and packaging for some of the biggest toys and kids’ entertainment products – and some of the smallest. Whether you’re just starting out or are at the top of your game, we’re the number one design resource in the industry and our clients keep coming back for more.

Maybe that’s why Playmates Toys trusts us with the top boys’ property in the WORLD? We’ve worked with Playmates for 4 years, designing TMNT packaging that brings the booyakasha of the show to life on shelf. Like the show, our designs have evolved over time, while maintaining the brand equity we’ve built.

Check out our most recent designs for TMNT Mutations, Prequel Mutations, and Dimension X – perfect examples of consistent branding differentiated across sub brands.