Pet Parade and Appealing to Young Children



Did you know that 32% of toys feature a hot kids’ license? Branding for the preschool set is already a tricky endeavor, made even more difficult if you’re not marketing products featuring the hottest preschool licenses. You’ve got to appeal to kids, pass the Mom test, feel current and fresh, and stand out in a sea of heavily licensed preschool product—no easy feat! So how do we do it? What makes us the preschool brand strategy partner of choice in the global children’s entertainment industry? Below are just a few things we consider when designing a preschool brand:

Color Palette – Playing off of the natural, primary products in Wal-Mart’s eco-friendly preschool toy line, Spark. Create. Imagine, we shifted the brand palette ever so slightly to give it a more current, modern feel.


Logo – Our strategic branding work for the Italian young girl’s brand Pet Parade was such a howling success that it inspired several line extensions and mini-cartoon segments. Our strategy began with a logo that communicated the sweet, nurturing nature of the brand while incorporating a playful pet element to catch kids’ eyes.


Structure –Creative structural design played a large part in the success of the Pet Parade line. Our paw-shaped packages with pet-carrier details like handles and zippers virtually jumped off the shelf.