Think Pink… and Beyond – Selling to Girls

Think Pink… and Beyond – Selling to Girls


There are nearly 10 million girls ages 5-9 living in the United States, girls with a broad range of interests, from fashion and hair play to sports, academics and the outdoors. Is it possible to design a brand that appeals to all of them?

The answer is yes and the proof is in McHale Design’s strategic branding for Wal-Mart’s My Life As 18” doll line. First, we created a custom color palette in pinks, purples and fuchsias. Then we utilized patterns, iconography, and photography that feels real and authentic rather than picture perfect to ensure that our package designs, website, and videos support the My Life As brand’s aspirational approach. Using this strategy, we’ve been able to reach girls who love hair play as well as those who love soccer, horses, dance, baking, and babysitting.

In fact, our strategic brand work for this line has been so effective that Wal-Mart has called on us year after year to update the My Life As brand look, ensuring continued appeal to the broadest range of girl’s possible. And it’s working! My Life As Doll sales have contributed significantly to Wal-Mart’s bottom line and helped the mega store become the only profitable mass market retailer last quarter. With our 217 new packages, 6 new videos, and updated website to support fall sales, that trend is certain to continue.

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