Brand In a Box



Private label brands have come a long way since the days of the plain, white box with the generic product name label. In fact, the “exclusivity” of many private labels are driving considerable traffic to their retailers’ stores and websites.

Now, today’s consumer is not easily duped. While the lower cost of many private label products in comparison to the branded options is a draw, the product has to have perceived value—quality materials, quality functionality, and quality design—in order to garner consumer interest.

And, since private label brands don’t have the benefit of hefty marketing budgets and activities, like TV advertising, the private label package is often the brand’s only method of communication with the consumer. So it better work hard!

At McHale Design, we apply the same principles of design to our private label projects as our big brands. Our awareness of packaging trends and techniques enable us to provide quality design that feels specialty but costs less to produce—perfect for private label margins.


Consider our work for Wal-Mart’s Play Day brand of summer SKUs, including beach and pool toys, sidewalk chalk, bowling sets, and more. In fact, the line became Wal-Mart’s best-selling summer brand. Imagine that. The country’s largest retailer’s best-selling summer brand was private label!